FOLEYDESIGNER 3.5.6 (Creative Application)

Gesture controlled sound design

Control and design sounds in 3D with hand gestures. With a new playback algorithm for controlling and rendering sounds that comes close to the art of a Foley Artist. Designed for musicians and sound designers with a focus on experimental sound discovery and novel sound controllability. Simply drag and drop up to 16 of your own sounds into the app at once or use presets.

3 Axis sound and FX controlling



Bell sounds are intense and particularly immersive sounds. It's always been an interesting experience to experiment with. This sound material represents a wonderful basis for creating interesting sound experiences. These African bells belong to the type of metallic wind chimes and are original instruments from Africa.
(Drag folder to an AREA window. Contains 20 presets)



This sound bank is for freaks who love to experiment. A special version of a windchime made out of lids. The associations of these sounds are surprising. 20 presets give you a good basis for extensive sound experiments.
(Drag folder to an AREA window. Contains 20 presets)

Complete sample packs and single tracks (Audio) on Bandcamp

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System requirements:
Mac OS X 10.14. or later
Note: You need a LeapMotion interface.
I already own a Version of FOLEDESIGNER. How can I update this older Version.

Since version 3.5.3 there is an automatic update notification if there is a newer version than the current one. You can then easily download the new version with one click. If you are not sure, simply download the latest version from this page.


FD is made by Foley Artist Otger Kunert. He is running since 25 years a Foley Recording Studio with great experience in all visual formats.
Sound Designer
For me, the Foley Designer is the coolest invention since Leo Theremin's Theremin and the most innovative way to enhance film sound since Jack Foley's sound effects. It opens a new world of audio post production possibilities.
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